Hey hey!


Thanks a lot! teachers of the world for visiting my blog.

Ever since I started posting in this blog as part of my TKT preparation course; I wondered if someone besides my Teacher and classmates would ever stumble into this little space of mine.

To my surprise; Up to the date I’ve received 124 visitors from my own country, 32 from my beloved neighbor country, 4 from Indonesia (can you believe that???) and even 1 from the last but not least greater country of Canada.

I couldn’t avoid wondering  who could that people be? was there a reason for them to visit my blog? or was it mere chance? do we have something in common? what were they working on when they came into my blog? and there is an endless list of questions I keep asking myself.

Would you do me a favor if I ask nicely? Please let me know who you are next time you visit my blog by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, I am pretty sure you know how to do it. Thanks in advance and keep the world rolling 🙂


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