Improved teaching


Using Bloom’s Taxonomy  will help us identify the most important aspects of learning. When planning a class, Teachers who use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide for our instruction will find that our students can make better progress as a result of a well planed lesson.

When we have the need to create activities for our students to perform. We should start at the  beginning of the taxonomy and work towards the end; always keeping in mind our students needs and  having them working with the levels of the taxonomy, this will help them to become familiar with the materials that we are going to present in each unit, we can start by doing basic activities to more advanced ones.

The knowledge level is at the base and at this point students learn basic information and are able to remember it, the use of flashcards or other memory games are important at this point to introduce new vocabulary.

The application level, is when students should start solving problems with the information they have learned so far in the unit or class and the assistance of the teacher 🙂

Finally at the end comes the evaluation level, at this point students interact solving problems with the purpose to have their own opinion. They also should be able to produce what they have learned and COMMUNICATE.


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