Solar System now in English.

solar system

Title:       The Solar System now in English.

Ages:      Indigo and ADHD children 8 and up, adults welcome.

Level:      Intermediate/advanced.

Target:   To improve the use of nouns, pronouns, adjectives and opposites.

Goal:      Students will be able to make sentences using complex sentences.

  • Knowledge – Elicit and find out the knowledge of students about this topic and introduce new vocabulary as needed (e.g. Mars, Earth, Elliptical, Orbit, Moons, Satellites).
  • Comprehension – Q & A to engage students and make corrections in the use of new vocabulary if needed (e.g. What is the first planet? or Which is the closest planet?)
  • Application – Draw the Solar System or bring a model scale somehow in detail and ask students to name the planets using the L2 language.
  • Analysis –  Get students talking while they explain how do planets move and why does day/night occur.
  • Synthesis – Based on what they have learned and some additional information; have students describe the features of each planets using adjectives and opposites.
  • Evaluation – Have students to practice their newly achieved vocabulary by having a debate about what would they name a planet according to its characteristics.

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