Learning from Samson…

Learning from Samson...

Samson is the new addition to our family. He’s just a Little puppy and he doesn’t even has a collar of its own (he actually borrowed Dori’s collar) despite his short age and legs, he is not affraid of exploring the world on it’s own. Every journey begins with a step and now that we have given that first step, let’s do it  Samson’s way, let’s walk thru this course with our heads up and our tails wagging. Don’t be affraid of asking because no one knows it all not even teachers 😉


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  1. Manuel, Suriel,
    I now that with such a positive attitude that you will learn more than you ever believed you would learn. All I am going to do is open the door and like Samson you will run through it. I am looking forward to working with you.

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